Frequently asked questions

About DFLAT Madrid

DFLAT Madrid has been working since 2004 with monthly rental apartments for companies, displaced workers and expatriates. DFLAT has experience and knowledge of the problems associated with renting an apartment per season in Madrid, which is why we have facilitated the process.

About the apartments

We only allocate apartments for companies, those that meet the essential requirements of equipment and quality.

All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped to move into: living room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen; with heating and air conditioning, with excellent location and well connected. They have all the basic supplies, including internet in many of them; We recommend consulting what services are included before booking.

All our apartments are located within the central almond of the city and some in the periphery in areas around the most important business centers of Madrid, an example of the areas are: Castellana, Nuevos Ministerios, Serrano, Chamberí.

Yes, being central locations, access to public transport is guaranteed. In addition, they have quick access to the main streets and ring roads of Madrid.

Actually, for any lenght, one year top, but not all apartments are suitable for all the periods. DFLAT Madrid has flats for short stay travelers, usually days; but our main type of rent is the seasonal one for medium and long stays, that is, weeks or months.

The conditions of hiring and the prices vary depending on the period and the apartment that is chosen.

About the booking process

Yes, you can arrange visits to the apartments of your interest whenever it is empty or the current tenant approves the visit.

We offer all kinds of guarantees for a good service. Normally our work ends at the end of the reservation process but we usually provide mediation between owner and tenant if there is any incidence or need.

We never abandon our clients during their stay.

Of course. We have a team dedicated exclusively to offer advice and personalized service to companies, expatriates and embassies.

Our specialized team is available to meet the necessary requests, if you do not find any apartment with the features you need, they will know how to find an option in our apartment database that matches what you are looking for.

To request a flat you can send an email to: explaining what your needs are and we will send you the available options as soon as possible.

Normally executives look for quality and good location.

Our executive apartments are well located, between the downtown, business areas and financial center of Madrid. All fully furnished and equipped for the total comfort of your guest.

Yes, but keep in mind that it is NOT a direct booking, there is a previous process; the ideal is to first arrange a visit to the apartment if you are in Madrid, if you are abroad you can see the photo report or make the virtual tour or even send a friend to see it; If you are sure you want to book the chosen apartment, we must first pass your proposal to the owner, from there we can only reserve the apartment once the owner has indicated his agreement.

The companies usually make bank transfers, however, we accept credit cards, cash in our office and ultimately, through Paypal in case of extreme need.

All financial expenses associated with payment / collection are charged to the customer.

Yes. The deposit for damages is mandatory in Spain, you can see it in the Law of Urban Leases.

The amount depends on the length of stay in the apartment. Normally, it is from 100 euros to 1 month rent payment for contracts per day and from 1 to 2 months of rent payments for long term contracts. The deposit must be paid before the entrance.

When a contract is canceled, the reservation is not returned. Only in extreme cases or if another tenant is found to replace the previous one, the reservation could be returned or saved for a future reservation.

Always ask your agent what the resolution would be to your case. In DFLAT Madrid we reserve the right to accept a change of tenant proposed by the client who has canceled a reservation.

The keys are delivered the day of entry to the apartment, the parties meet, tenant and owner, the contract is signed, the inventory is reviewed and if agreed cash payments are paid and the keys are delivered.

On the day of check-in there will always be a DFLAT Madrid agent to receive you and check that the process is done as agreed.

It depends on the type of the contract and the conditions set by the owner. For contracts for days or weeks, most prices include supplies, although they are sometimes specified separately.

For monthly contracts, these must be paid according to consumption or through a fixed rate, that is, monthly or bimonthly, and must be delivered to the owner, together with the rent.

There are two cases:

· If the apartment is managed directly by DFLAT Madrid, we will always issue an invoice and deliver it when the client demands it.

· On the contrary, if DFLAT Madrid only manages the process of contracting a flat we will only issue an invoice for the services rendered, being the responsibility of the owner to issue the rent invoice.

The client must previously warn of this need because some owners can not issue an invoice and, therefore, only make contracts to individuals whose VAT is exempt and therefore no invoice is issued.

General services

The apartments for companies and executives are fully furnished and offer all the usual household items in the kitchen and bathroom. The bed linen and towels depends on the apartment but, in the contract for days this household is included; In contracts for months, you should check the details of the apartment or your agent to confirm whether it is provided or not.

Internet access is included in the apartments rented by the day.

In long-stay apartments depends on the owners because sometimes, some owners prefer that this service is hired by the tenant.

Yes. DFLAT Madrid has a cleaning service that can be hired by the requested days of the week.

If you want this service during your stay, tell your agent before making the reservation.

This service has an extra cost.

We do not have this service, but sometimes we allow customers to leave their bags temporarily in the same apartments as much as possible.

About DFLAT Madrid

DFLAT Madrid is an agency specialized in seasonal accommodations; among our main clients are international and national students of Business schools and Universities of Madrid.

Born in 2004 as a degree project of two of our directors as students from the IE Business School. The main purpose was to offer long, medium and short term rentals of furnished apartments in Madrid with the possibility of booking online. DFLAT Madrid will be responsible for carrying out contractual documentation and accompanying the future tenants in the check-in / delivery of the apartment.

At DFLAT we provide professional attention with bilingual staff in English and native Spanish.

DFLAT has more than 15 years in the market and has a collaboration agreement with the main business schools and universities in Madrid.

We are transparent in negotiations, we take care of our brand and we look after the interests of both the tenant and the owner

· In DFLAT we manage a wide portfolio of flats and we help you to find an accommodation in Madrid according to your needs.

· We manage the negotiation with the owner, we take care of the contractual documentation and we accompany you in the check-in.

· We could participate as a mediator between tenants and owners in case of any incident.

We do not charge real estate commission like the other agencies.

We only charge a fixed management fee, regardless of the value of the rental price, if you contract the accommodation. If your school or university has an agreement with DFLAT, a 50% discount will be applied to this fee (*)

(*) Applies to companies, universities, foundations, organizations, travel manager, relocation agencies and real estate agencies with an agreement signed with DFLAT and / or are regular customers.

There is no exception in the collection of the fee, however, your loyalty is rewarded so if you recommend a friend and this rent an apartment with DFLAT you will have earned a price in cash and your friend will receive a discount off the management fee.

Please note that certain conditions apply, please consult before with our commercial agents.


In DFLAT we have studios and flats of 1 to 3 rooms furnished and equipped for your comfort.

Yes, DFLAT Madrid specializes in temporary accommodation, so our apartments are all furnished and equipped to suit on the category chosen.

The minimum rental time depends on the floor chosen and the dates requested. The minimum stay would be one month and maximum one year with the possibility of extending.

Request more information from your agent at DFLAT Madrid.

If you need to rent an apartment for days or weeks for yourself, your family or for friends; we have accommodations for short stays very close to the center of Madrid.

You can see the options in the rental section for days on our website or get in touch with your agent at DFLAT Madrid.

Yes, all floors have basic services installed: water, electricity and gas.

Supplies are NOT included in the rent. Although there are few homes that do include a fixed monthly supply price, they are usually paid for consumption in long stays.

Most apartments do not have internet / telephone connection installed. Check the description on the web and confirm the services available included.

In case it is not provided, you can easily request it with the companies you prefer, once you have arrived in Madrid; generally the delay is less than a week. We recommend: Movistar, Orange, Jazztel, Vodafone.

To this end, the supplies must be paid together with each monthly rent, after the landlord sends the respective receipts, or failing that, domicile them to your bank account in Madrid. Apply the form agreed by the parties.

The approximate cost will depend on your monthly consumption control.

Generally we do NOT accept pets in our apartments, however, everything depends on the owner of the apartment, some do give in to some pets but for this, it is necessary to request this information before making the reservation.

It is not the owner's responsibility to provide bed linen and towels, but some apartments are provided. Check with your DFLAT agent that the apartment you have chosen is provided with this feature before booking.

The accommodations are always equipped with basic kitchenware.


It is NOT necessary to have a residence permit in Spain. If you are a student, you only need your passport and the letter of admission to the business school or university where you are studying.

In DFLAT we receive and serve clients of all nationalities, without distinction or discrimination of origin.

Yes, you can rent a flat with DFLAT, it is only necessary to present a letter of admission from the Business School or University and a copy of the Passport or DNI.

-If you are an expatriate or need an apartment for a company, you can address your request to our corporate housing department.

-If you are neither a student nor a company, it will be necessary to provide economic solvency receipts: Payroll and Labor Contract that prove that you can face the rent.


You can start a search by filtering by dates and number of people through the search engine on the website, or access the list of student apartments through the corresponding section and filter the search based on dates, characteristics and area of ​​your preference.

Please complete and send us a request, and describe your needs to help us with the search for your accommodation in Madrid. Also, we recommend that you continue to use our search tool occasionally to see if any new apartments have been added to our selection.

Remember that finding and offering accommodation services is part of what we do at DFLAT and comes at no charge to you.
Apply for the story of interest through a REQUEST. Indicate the floors of your interest and complete the requested information.

Within a maximum period of 48 hours, a DFLAT Madrid agent will respond to your request, confirming the availability of the requested accommodation, if not available, it will send you at least 3 homes with similar characteristics for your consideration.

No. We only charge when you book the accommodation of your choice.

Please, send us a request form or an e-mail to with your questions and a DFLAT agent will provide you with all the information you need.


When you have chosen your accommodation, to reserve it, it is necessary to make the payment of the first month of rent plus the management fee. We recommend that you make the payment as soon as possible, this way you ensure the accommodation for your stay.

The amount of the reservation can be paid by bank transfer if you are abroad or in our offices in cash or credit card if you are in Madrid.

Totally! You can book your accommodation from your current city, this way you save time and money. When you arrive in Madrid you can go directly to the apartment to check in and sign the contract.

To reserve the apartment as a student, it is necessary to provide personal data to complete the contract, copy of identity document: Passport or ID and letter of admission from the business school or university where you are studying.

Yes, you can request a draft of the contract with your agent, moreover, prior to your arrival, we recommend reading it completely and in detail to ensure that you understand its clauses before signing.

Yes. According to the Urban Leasing Law in Spain, it is necessary to leave an amount as deposit for the apartment.

Keep in mind that it is a guarantee for the owner in case the tenant causes any damage to the property during the stay. The amount of the deposit to be paid must be confirmed on the apartment of your choice, although in general it will not be more than the equivalent of two months rent on long stays.

The deposit will be returned via bank transfer within 30 (thirty) business days following the termination of the contract and after checking there are no liabilities to which the contract is linked and no damage has been found in the verification of the housing when checking out.

The deposit can NOT be used for the payment of rent; is the guarantee that the owner has to cover any damage after the end of your stay.

Everything depends on the owner of the apartment; some owners accept while others do not. It is necessary to consult it before making the reservation so make sure to ask your agent.

If the apartment is available at the date of your request you can book it without any problem. If the accommodation is now occupied and is availability just for your arrival, you will have no problem to reserve it either.

However, if your request is many months in advance of your arrival and the accommodation is empty long before your arrival, you should bear in mind that the owner could reject your proposal.

If at the time of the search there is nothing available, we will include your request in our waiting list and we will be attentive to send you availability as soon as we have it. We also recommend that you return to our website's search engine from time to time, new floors appear often, one may be of interest for you.

The contract is signed upon arrival in Madrid at the momento of the check in, after the inspection of the apartment, the payment of the deposit and approving your agreement with the apartment.

We send you the contract and the check in procedure before your arrival by e-mail, remember to read it beforehand.

The incidents that may arise during your stay are managed directly with the owner; the contact information will be available in the contract.

The apartment will be completely clean at the time of the entry. If during your stay you want some additional or periodic cleaning, you can hire it for an additional cost, as long as the service is available.

Yes, but you must notify by email sixty (60) days before the end of the contract, reserving the right to accept it based on the availability of the property and the duration of the requested extension.

If the extension does not apply, we can offer and reserve the home to other candidates.

Unfortunately you will lose the amount paid in advance to the owner. For this reason we always recommend to proceed with the reservation when you have no doubt about your choice.

DFLAT Madrid provides updated information and images so that this does not happen, but if after your arrival, the apartment does not meet your expectations, DFLAT could help you find other accommodation available similar to what you are looking for, without having to pay the management fee again.

If you decide to terminate the contract in advance you will be required to pay a penalty equivalent to the amount delivered as bond.


At the time of check in, there will be a DFLAT agent and the owner on the floor to receive you.

The following actions will be carried out:

  • Verify that everything on the floor is working correctly.
  • Verify the flat inventory.
  • Sign the contract.
  • Make pending payments.
  • Deliver floor keys.

After entering the apartment, you have 7 days to report any incident or damage found.

It is only necessary to send an email to the owner with the details of the imperfections so that he can manage the issue.


To check out, it is necessary to coordinate with the owner the date and time. Prior to departure, it will be necessary to settle any pending account, either for rent or payment of supplies.

The owner will verify that everything is correct on the floor. The return of the deposit will be made by the owner according to what is indicated in question 34.

If any damage is found in the apartment verification, the owner must evaluate the damages caused and inform you before discounting the amount of the repair.


We offer apartment rentals for short, medium and long stay, located in privileged areas of Madrid such as downtown, business areas and around business schools.

We have comfortable apartments, fully furnished, equipped and well connected within the central área of Madrid, also known as central almond.

For short stays we have 1 bedroom apartments. For monthly rentals, for students, companies or expatriates we have apartments with 1 to 3 rooms, studios and penthouses.

All our apartments are fully furnished and ready to move into.

Apartments' search

Use the search engine in the header of our website, choose the type of housing depending on what you need: dates and number of people and once in the complete list of apartments, you can filter according to your needs.

If you are neither a student nor a Company or expatriate and you need an apartment for months, you can access the list of floors for private person through the menu in the "rent for months" display.

If you come for days, access directly through the section "rent for days" in the menu.

Booking and payment procedure

Once you have found the apartment you want and it is available, you can make an online reservation, for this, get in touch with us by sending a request through the web.

Our agents will contact you to send you all the necessary information about the apartment and the procedure to make the payment of the reservation.

Keep in mind that for monthly rentals we must first pass your reservation proposal to the owner of the apartment, if he accepts it, we will proceed to the corresponding payment.

Depending on the apartment option you have chosen, you can do it with a credit or debit card, in cash at our office or make a bank transfer, although in this case you will have to assume all the bank commissions.

We accept payment by PAYPAL only in case of extreme need.

In the case of rent per day, at the time of your arrival at the apartment; you must pay the remaining amount in cash or by credit or debit card. In rentals of medium to long stay, the usual thing is that the remaining amount is paid before your entrance to the apartment via bank transfer so that the property can confirm receipt of payments.

If you want to use another means of payment, you must indicate it in advance to find an alternative based on your needs.

Yes. It is stipulated by the Urban Leasing Law the payment of the deposit to cover possible damages on the apartment in case there are any.

Normally the value of this deposit depends on the period of stay. For periods of short stay, we request a deposit of between 100 and 700 euros and for medium or long stays we ask for 1 to 2 months of rent that will be returned after your departure.

The reservation amount is not refundable in case of cancellation.

For short stays, if you change the dates of your reservation and there is a difference of more than 3 nights on arrival or departure, a new reservation will be considered and the amount will not be refunded. In addition, the new availability must be previously confirmed.

If there is any cause that prevents your trip to Madrid, you must inform us. If you notify with time and whenever possible, we will offer you an alternative to recover your money.

One of our agents will receive you on the floor to check in, so it is necessary that you inform us of the expected time of your arrival. At the check in, you will check that you are satisfied with the floor after reviewing the inventory of it; After signing the contract and making the remaining payments if any, the formal delivery of the keys will be made. In no case will the keys be delivered without first signing the contract and having received all payments.

In the same way, we will have to be informed of the day and time of your departure so that our agent or the property can do the check out process where they will review the floor and their inventory again to make sure there is no damage and to be able to return the deposit.

For a short stay the deposit will be refunded in the same way that it was paid, on the spot or the next working day. In the case of rent for months, the deposit will be returned thirty (30) business days after the departure, once the electronic equipment has been cleaned and checked.

If upon arrival you find a defect in the apartment, communicate it and immediately send it to your commercial agent so that they can solve it or register it so that you do not have any inconvenience due to this damage.

If the damage was caused by the misuse of the apartment, the property will not return the deposit until a technician or specialist makes an economic evaluation. Afterwards, the rest of the money will be paid to the client after the repair or delivery of the repair invoice or budget.

Yes, short-stay apartments have supplies included.

For stays of one month or more, they are paid by the tenant according to consumption together with the payment of the rent.

Services for holiday apartments

Yes. Our short stay accommodations for travelers have a set of sheets per bed and another set of towels per person.

In the floors for long stay is usually not provided, however, you can check with your agent before booking.

Some apartments have a crib for children, but you should ask for it at the time of sending the reservation request, that way, we will inform you about the availability and the additional charge that it entails.

Yes. All our short stay accommodations for travelers have Wi-Fi connection.

For long stays, we offer a cleaning service and punctual or weekly ironing service, as well as change of sheets and towels, any with extra charge.

In any case, if you have any other need, do not hesitate to request it.

Our apartments do not have telephones, but you will have internet access to make calls like Skype or whatsapp.

No. Only in some special cases we allow our clients to leave their bags in the apartments before or after the entry and exit, but for this it is necessary that you consult with your agent in advance and confirm if it would be possible.


Yes. We assume cleaning for the normal use of the apartment, but we ask the tenant to leave the apartment in acceptable cleaning conditions, that there is no accumulation of dirt, personal belongings and garbage mainly in the kitchen and bathroom.

In case of unusual or extreme dirt, we reserve the right not to return the deposit for damages to deal with the extra hours of cleaning.

Yes. Prices for short-stay services for travelers include taxes according to the Spanish legislature.

No. For hygiene issues pets are prohibited.

Yes. All our apartments are located in the best neighborhoods of Madrid within the M30, with a high police presence.

However, we recommend that in crowded areas, means of transport and around tourist areas, be careful to avoid pickpockets.